Thursday, February 26, 2009

Season of Ice

Season of Ice
by Diane Les Becquets

Seventeen year old Genesis Sommer is living her normal life. It's late fall in northern Maine. She goes to school and she has a part time job as a waitress at the Lazy Moose, a resaurant. She has a stepmother and twins as half-brothers. Her father worked at a logging camp, where he stayed for long periods of time. One day her father left for work, dropping her off with her uncle Perry to work on her car. That was the last time Genesis saw him.

When the police started looking for Mike Sommers right away. They found his boat on the lake. Then the lake froze over. There is no body as evidence that Mike is dead. Genesis won't believe it until there is proof. Her life is changed now.

The winter is neverending. Genesis hears rumors about her father. She begins to search for herself for the truth about the man she thought she knew everything about.

Grade: B+

From the start of this book, I was hooked. Though it is not normally the type of book I would read, I loved it none the less. Genesis was a great, strong character, who was easy to relate to. After hearing the rumors Genesis was told about her father, even I had no idea what happened to him. I was happy with the ending, though I would like to know more about what happens later on. Other than that, this was a really good story. If you ever come across it, you should pick it up.

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