Tuesday, February 23, 2010


by Mara Purnhagen

Kate Morgan arrives at Cleary High like any regular day, but this day turns out different. The school has been tagged; a mural of six gorillas resides on the side of the school building

Being the police chief's daughter, Kate tries to stay out of it. Many people are saying that the gorillas, which are also turning up on other buildings in town, and out of state, are vandalism. Are they? Or are they art?

Grade: A

This book was totally enjoyable from the very beginning. I was drawn in at the start. The plot was lifelike, and I liked the characters. When first meeting Eli, I couldn't even tell that Kate was interested in him romantically, but perhaps she was in denial, since he was in a relationship, and she even told her best friend and parents that "he is just a friend I work with."

I loved the relationship between Kate and Lan, her best friend. I could tell they were really close, and yet she wasn't even around all that much. That's a good kind of friendship to have; it's like the finish-each other's-sentences kind of friendship. I would have liked Kate's photography to be a larger part of the novel, because we don't learn how much she enjoys it until the last chapter.

If you're up for a fast and fun read, find this one when it comes out.

*released March 1, 2010
*reviewed for TeensReadToo

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions

My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions
by Becca Wilhite

Sarah Howard is starting her first year at university. She is ready to blend in like she always has. She expects things to be the same as usual. What she doesn't expect is Ben, a hottie in her Art History class to become interested in her.

Sarah believes herself to be average, except her crazy Medusa hair. So, when Ben starts hanging around more, she just plays along, knowing that it is too good to be true, and he will realize his mistake soon. They always do, right?

Grade: A+

I hadn't heard anything about this book before receiving it. Once I got started, it was hard to stop. The story was incredibly believable, from the cheesy lines, to the nerves of an unexpected relationship. During the whole novel, I felt as though Sarah just didn't get it, and she didn't. The way she thought got a little old, because it was obvious that Ben was interested, and he wasn't giving up easily.

As the reader, I got angry at Sarah because she couldn't get it out of her head that there are guys out there that won't burn you! And Ben was that guy! Together, they were great. The character I wanted to learn more about was Chel, Sarah's best friend. They didn't seem so much like best friends to me. Chel was there for Sarah, but it seemed as though she was just straight to the point, this is what I think and know, good-bye, which is very different from my relationship between my best friends. Overall, this was a totally enjoyable, cute and fast read.

*released March 2, 2010
**reviewed for

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are: A Novel
by Courtney Summers

Regina Afton was part of the Fearsome Fivesome, the clique at school that everyone was afraid of. Not any more, because of a false rumor going around that involves her, and her best friend's boyfriend.

Now Regina is at the bottom of the food-chain of Hallowell High. Her ex-best friends are bullying her more and more daily. Regina finds solace in Michael Hayden, a boy who she herself used to bully. While around him, Regina feels better, until she may have to give it up so Michael doesn't get hurt too.

Grade: A+

Wow. What else can I say? Amazing. Fantastic. Brilliant. The only bad thing about this novel was the ending, because it ended to fast for me. I want more on what happens after the fact, but I guess this will have to do.

Some Girls Are
takes Mean Girls to a WHOLE new level. No kidding. I couldn't even fathom how girls can be so vicious. And to someone who was your friend before.

I really liked Regina's character. I really felt for her. How could I not? I mean, sure, she was a total biotch, but she was thrown out on a lie that was the farthest thing from the truth. I loved her and Michael. I just wanted them to be together from her first lunch at the Garbage Table.

Courtney Summers is a genius. I don't know how she does it, but I sure hope she does it again soon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fat Cat

Fat Cat
by Robin Brande

Catherine "Cat" Locke has no idea what to do for her science fair project. But then it hits her. She is going to be her project. For the next 7 months, Cat is going to become a hominin. That means no more junk food, television, computer (except for school use), or cars and phones (except for emergencies). This is going to be hard of the chocolate eating, Diet Coke drinking Kit Cat.

She knows her project is going to blow Matt McKinney's out of the water, and that is just what she wants. They haven't been friends since he betrayed her...even if it was four years ago. As her pounds start dropping, her confidence rises, and boys start to notice her, she is still too busy hating Matt.

Grade: A+

(First off, I would like to thank
Steph at Steph Su Reads. If not for her Blog Blitz post {The Best YA Books You Haven't Read}, I would have never heard of this book. Thanks Steph!)

Once I picked up this novel, I could hardly put it down. All of the characters were interesting. The plot was totally original. I have never read anything like it before, and I loved every minute of it. I found no dull moment whatsoever, either. I really liked all of the scientific references, since Cat is the "science geek". The novel really puts you into perspective of how a teenage girl can be so insecure in her own body. Cat changes so much throughout the book. And her changes are for the better. She wants to be healthier, she wants to beat Matt, but then she realizes it was a change that she wanted, and needed. I recommend this book for anyone, really. It was really enjoyable, and I'm so glad I got a copy.