Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon
by Sarah Dessen

Colie is expecting the worst summer of her life in Colby, North Carolina with her crazy aunt Mira, when her mother tours Europe. She doesn't expect to find friends, especially since she doesn't have any at home. Ever since she and her mother moved (and stayed) at Charlotte, she was always the girl everyone made fun of--for being fat, and then after she lost weight, for being "easy."

Colie gets a job at the Last Chance Bar and Grill where she befriends her fellow waitresses Morgan and Isabel. They take in Colie and make her realize that who she really is has been inside her all along. As she gets over her past, she learns what is it like to have friends who care.

Grade: A-

I have yet to be disappointed in a Sarah Dessen novel. She is one of my absolute favorites. I really liked this one, but I wouldn't call it a favorite (which is still This Lullaby!). I liked the ending the most, because of all that Colie went through, she realized who she really was. If you haven't read any Dessen novels, you really should. You won't be disappointed! :)


The Book Obsession said...

This is the only Sarah Dessen book I have not read. I have too and SOON, lol. Great review!

Bookworm said...

I haven't read any of Sarah's books but I really need to start, because
a) I've heard they're amazing
b) they sound amazing!
I love the cover, it's cute, simple, and fun!

stargirlreads said...

Loved this book

Em said...

"I have yet to be disappointed in a Sarah Dessen novel." Amen, girl, amen. :)