Tuesday, February 17, 2009


by Ellen Wittlinger

Sandpiper Hollow Ragsdale has a reputation. A bad one. Ever since the eighth grade, she's wanted a boyfriend. But she's had many now, and she keeps getting bored and annoyed by them.

But, then, one of her exes, Derek, starts to harass her. A boy the town calls "The Walker" helps her. He is called the Walker because all he does is wander. He's always walking. Sandy starts to walk with him. But he won't answer any of her questions. She doesn't even know his real name, so she calls him Walker, and he calls her Piper.

Derek is going crazy, and it is starting to scare Piper. She wants Walker's help. Will he help her? Or will he disappear from her life?

Grade: B-

I saw this book at Borders some time ago, and I really wanted to read it. I was kind of disappointed though. The writing and story was really great. But, the ending was terrible. I don't know why it just ended, when something big was going down with Piper and Walker and Derek. So, that was it: the ending kinda ruined it for me. I like the story though. It shows that there really are some crazy ex-boyfriends out there.


KD said...

This one looks really good, too bad it has a bad ending. I hate bad endings to books.

Bookworm said...

Doesn't really sound like my thing but boo hoo about the bad ending. I hate when sequel-less books keep questions unanswered or if the ending is abrupt. ):

robin_titan said...

crazy ex boyfriend out there huh? I'll have to read this.

Anonymous said...