Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Gone. Again.

To another Norwegian camp. And, on my last post about camp, some of you thought I was going to Norway. Sadly, no. The first camp was in the Snoqualmie Pass, and this camp is in Arlington. Both are here in Washington. It would be amazing to go to camp in Norway, but alas, I cannot. This time around, here is where I'll be:

This is the BEAUTIFUL Lake Riley. Amazingly gorgeous. This is what it looks like in the morning.

So, I will be back in 2 weeks. When I'm back I will have WAY more time for reading, though I will be going back to work as well, sadly. :( But still, more free time. I'm bringing a book to read at camp, I'm not sure which though.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Everafter

The Everafter
by Amy Huntley

Madison Stanton doesn't know anything anymore, aside from being dead. Where she is, how she got there. It just Is. All that is around her is darkness and space. Here and there she comes across objects from her life that she lost. These objects let her relive each moment where she lost them. And sometimes she can even change these moments from her life. By reliving, Maddy learns the truths about her life and death.

Grade: A

You know something funny? My copy of The Everafter is an ARC, and it says The After, with a sticker that says the title has been changed. Moving on.

I was very impressed by this book. At first I wasn't too sure about it, and it was kind of hard to get into. But once I got a little ways in, it was hard to stop reading. It was like no other book I've read. Very original. I had no idea how Maddy died, and when I found out, I was completely shocked; I didn't see it coming at all. It really kept me guessing. So, overall, you should pick this up when it comes out in September. I was not disappointed.

*reviewed for
**released September 29, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Princess Academy

Princess Academy
by Shannon Hale

High on Mount Eskel, there is a village where Miri lives with all the other villagers. All her life, Miri has dreamed of working with the others in the quarry, pounding away at the linder of the mountain. Miri's Pa will never let her work though, and she thinks it is because she is so small.

From the valley, news comes from king's priests that the next princess will come from Mount Eskel, and the prince will choose her himself. But before a girl is chosen, all the girls eligible must attend an academy to prepare.

Grade: A

Me and my "co-counselor" read this each night to the 6 girls in our room at camp. I loved every minute of it. It leans more towards the younger crowd, but that didn't matter. The story was so fun, and I really enjoyed it. The ending could have lasted longer, but am I happy with it. What really hooked me were the names. They were Norwegian, and we were at Norwegian camp, so I loved it. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cast the First Stone

Cast the First Stone
by Gwendolyn Glover

Denise Stone, aka Denny, and Haley Fisher have been best friends ever since Denny moved in across the street. They couldn't be more different. Denny is sharp-tongued, prefers her independence, and enjoys cigarettes and alcohol. Haley is quiet, reserved, and begins to give herself to God. Along with that, Haley's family, poverty-stricken, is always having trouble, and she is the one taking care of her younger siblings.

The girls keep changing through the years. And Denny wants nothing more than to get the hell out of the small Oklahoma town, and run off to California.

Grade: B

Where to start? I'll thank Gwendolyn for asking me to review her books. :) This debut was very original. I haven't read anything like it before. I enjoyed Denny's character for her sharp tongue, but sometimes I got so mad at the way she treated the people that love her. I didn't understand why she did that. I wasn't very happy with the ending of the story, only because I feel like more should have happened. I didn't really want it to end either. I am really curious as to what happens with all of the main characters. Overall, this was an interesting read, and if you come across it, give it a go.

For more information on her novel, visit Gwendolyn's website, here.