Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waiting on Wednesday 6

Tempo Change
by Barbara Hall

Pub. Date: July 9, 2009


It’s tough enough defining your identity—imagine if your father was a rock legend.

Blanche Kelly's dad is a famous indie rock icon, but not many people at the private school she attends on scholarship know this. Her father left when she was in the first grade, and she can’t quite forgive her mom for not understanding that an artist like her dad needs the time and space to connect to his muse.

When Blanche creates an all-girl rock band, their sound captures a wide audience and the band is invited to compete at the Coachella Music Festival. Blanche feels this could be the perfect time for a reunion with her father. Won’t he be proud to hear her band? Won’t he be happy to get to know his only daughter?

I think...
This book sounds totally great. I love music, and I love books about musicians. And the cover is amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous. I will for sure be reading this when it comes out!