Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Luxe

The Luxe
by Anna Godbersen

The year is 1899 in Manhattan.

Elizabeth and Diana Holland are the rulers of the social scene. Or are they? When the girls' widowed mother tells them they are not stable financially, it is Elizabeth's job to marry a rich man so she can take care of her mother and sister. But can she marry a man she doesn't love and leave Will, an employee of the house, the man she truly loves?

There is Penelope Hayes, Elizabeth's "friend," who is trying to get Henry Schoonmaker to propose. And she is willing to just about anything to get her way with him. But Henry's father, William, will disinherit him if he marries Penelope.

Elizabeth's carriage is found, overturned, near the East River. And the most celebrated girl in the city has disappeared.

What are these girls to do?

Grade: B-

First off, this book took me FOREVER to read. Really, I've been working on it for months. I was totally excited to read it at the time I got it, because I heard it was like Gossip Girl in 1899. Only it wasn't. Only towards the end of the book it seemed to be so, since there was a lot of drama going on. It wasn't until about the last quarter of the book that I got into it and was actually enjoying it. I gave this a B- because I basically only enjoyed the last bit of the book. But I adore the cover; it's a stunning dress! Overall, I know a lot of people have enjoyed this, but I'm not really one of them. But I do intend on reading the next books.


Bookworm said...

I love the Luxe! ENVY is coming out super-soon....eeee! :D