Friday, December 26, 2008

The Rule of Won

The Rule of Won
by Stefan Petrucha

Caleb Dunne is a slacker. When his girlfriend, Vicky, an over-achiever, asks him to join a club about some book, he agrees. Now, not only does he have to join this club, but he has to read the book too!

At first, Caleb doesn't really believe in The Rule. The club is growing, and it is out of control with the weekly Craves. Caleb must decide whether or not he believes that he can get what he wants just by thinking he will, or if it is just a coincidence.

Grade: A

I was lucky enough to get this book directly from the author himself, signed and all! This was a really good book. It was kind of slow at first, but once Caleb joined the club, it picked up its pace. I really enjoyed Caleb's character. He was really funny, and seemed like one of my friends! The story flowed really well, and I was sad the story came to an end. I wasn't totally satisfied with the ending, because I wanted to know more about Ethan, but it was still really good.