Thursday, December 11, 2008

Secrets of My Suburban Life

Secrets of My Suburban Life
by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Lauren, "Ren", is stuck in the suburbs after her mother dies from a freak accident. (J.K. Rowling killed her...kind of...) Her father is grieving, and moves them to a small town in Connecticut.

Ren is having trouble fitting in at her new school. She is, after all, from New York City! Farrin, the popular girl, seems to enjoy making fun of Ren. When Farrin accidentally takes Ren's notebook, instead of her own, Ren discovers a secret Farrin is keeping: she is chatting with an older man on a website named "Sex World" and is planning on meeting him.

Ren devises a plan to catch the perv but pretending to be Farrin on the website, her user name "SexGurl1." She starts to put the pieces together, and thinks she knows who he is...

Grade: B

This was a very interesting book. I thought it was hilarious how Ren blamed J.K. Rowling for the death of her mother. Ren's character got kind of annoying in some spots; she seemed to babble! I thought it was strange how she was trying to help Farrin, after she was always rude to her, but she was doing it to help other girls also, since the man could move on if he wasn't caught...So that is a good message to readers. I read the story pretty fast, and it was an easy read. I don't really recommend it, but go for it if it sounds interesting to you.