Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victoria and the Rogue

Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot

4 out of 5

At sixteen, Lady Victoria Arbuthnot is shipped to London on the Harmony to search for a husband. She had lived in India her whole life as an orphan, though being cared for by her three uncles.

On the ship, she meets the attractive Hugo Rothschild. He proposes to her on the ship, and Victoria accepts, only to make the Captain, Jacob Carstairs, jealous. When in London, she stays with her aunt and uncle along with their family. Victoria finds herself helping the Gardiner's as a daily chore.

Jacob Carstairs keeps calling on Victoria. Eventually he is able to be alone with her to tell her the truth of her fiancee. And after she knows, he kisses her like she had never been kissed before. Victoria realizes what she must do about her fiancee, so she does it. A week after breaking off the engagement, Hugo wants to see her, to return her letters. She meets him, and is caught in a storm, then taken to his home, where they will not allow her to leave. Her only option was to climb out the window. And Jacob Carstairs rescues her.

I liked this book. It wasn't my favorite by Meg Cabot, but it was good, none the less. It's one of two of her historical fiction books, and I liked it. Victoria was a strong character, and it was funny, since you could tell that she was raised by men. Though, sometimes she really made me mad. She never realized her true feelings for Jacob until she thought she would have lost him. Anyways, I suggest this book if you like historical fiction. It's nothing like any of Meg's other books, so check it out.


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