Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Little Friendly Advice

A Little Friendly Advice
by Siobhan Vivian


Ruby is turning the sweet sixteen. When her father shows up that day, 6 years after he left, Ruby is awestruck and angry. He ruins her big day, when all she wants is to hang out with her friends, Beth, Maria, and Katherine, taking pictures with her "new" vintage Polaroid camera.

Ruby has had a tough past 6 years. Her father left, she got no explanations. Beth has always given Ruby advice: forget your father. He left you, so he's not worth it. When Ruby founds out about a secret Beth is keeping from her, her life seems to be all jumbled. She meets Charlie, and has an instant connection with him.

Knowing Beth is keeping something from her, they argue more, and Ruby is like an outsider to their group. Katherine is extra pissy towards her, Maria doesn't really know anything about the whole situation, and Beth isn't telling her the truth. What happens when Ruby finally finds out the whole truth? Will she ever see her dad again?

I liked this book. It was kind of slow, but once it got to the point, it was much better. I liked Ruby, but she seemed really weak and vulerable. She didn't know who she was, or who she wanted to be, but I suppose that made the story all the more relatible. It was a fast read, and went by faster. I wish it didn't end. I want there to be a sequel or something! I want to know what happens with Ruby and Charlie, if anything happens. Well, I recommend this book if you just like books about friendship and families. :)


Carol said...

Great review and thanks for telling me it was kind of slow but it gets better. I'll keep that in mind when I read it. :)

Tasha said...

I love this book!! I also love the author, who is just to cute!!