Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mermaid Park

Mermaid Park by Beth Mayall

4 out of 5!

Amy and her family are going on vacation to New Jersey, to stay with her aunt. It was where her mother was raised. She tries her hardest to spend time away from her family, especially her obnoxious step-father. She convinces her mother to let her stay with her aunt for the rest of the summer.

Amy found her dream job at Mermaid Park. She works, and watches the girls in their mermaid outfits swim in a gigantic water tank, mesmorized by their beauty, and dreaming to be one of those girls.

She befriends Stephanie, who shows her what the job is all about. When she has to go be with her brother, Amy gets to take her place as Mermaid Queen.

She discovers more about herself, and uncovers a secret her mother had kept from her her whole life.

I really liked this book. When I read the title, I was just kind of drawn to it. Amy was a really strong character, though throughout the book, she kind of made me a little mad for some things. :) But overall, I liked how Beth Mayall writes. This was her first novel, so I hope to read more from her in the future.


Breanna said...

This book sounds really good. I'll have to check it out sometime. Great review Ashley!