Monday, July 21, 2008

Reckless: An It Girl Novel

Reckless: An It Girl Novel
by Cecily von Ziegesar


Little Jenny Humphrey has certainly made a name for herself since she arrived at Waverly Academy. She got the boy she fell for, Easy Walsh, who just happened to be her room-mate's ex. But there is one problem: Lately Easy just isn't too sure about what, or rather, whom, he wants.

Tinsley is still the uberbitch, and everyone knows. She begins to like Julian, a freshman, which is the worst thing about it. The four room-mates have been separated: Callie is with Jenny, and Tinsley is with Brett.

Jenny is confused with Easy. Callie is still pining for him too. Easy just wants to kiss both of them. Tinsley wants Julian. Brett wants to have sex with her boyfriend, Jeremiah, but then learns a secret of his. These girls all have problems. When Tinsley spills a secret about Callie and Easy, Jenny is broken. Then Jenny, Callie, Brett, and a girl Kara (who is super cool) make a pact together. Maybe they call all be friends again...perhaps with no Tinsley afterall.

This book went by so fast. There was so much drama. I was getting really pissed at it the good way, where you connect with the characters. Easy made me really angry. But then, Callie surprised me, which was good. I just love this series. I cannot wait for the next few books!