Thursday, August 28, 2008

Star Crossed

Star Crossed
by Mark Schreiber


Christy Marlowe is a sarcastic, astrology-obsessed sixteen year old. She meets Ben Penrose, a polite college freshman, at a plastic surgeon's office. Both want to remove unwanted tattoos from their pasts they want to forget.

As Christy tries to forget her past, it seems to come right back to her. Benjamin, her ex that was sent to jail for shooting someone, was released, and he is wanting to speak to her.

Christy and Ben maintain a great relationship. They have so many similarities in one another. But, as much as they know each other, they know that they are both keeping some secrets as well. Through their ups and downs, we find out what is really happening in Ben's life, and what the secret is behind his tattoo.

This story was amazing. Christy was hilarious, and Ben was so sweet. The plot was really good, and the climax was totally unexpected. The relationship between the two was just, perfect, even though the reader knows that they are both keeping stuff from each other. The truth behind Ben's tattoo was crazy. I wouldn't have guessed that; it was really weird actually. But, overall, I recommend this story to everyone. The story flows well, and it's a really enjoyable book. :)