Sunday, August 24, 2008


Beastly by Alex Flinn


Kyle Kingsbury is perfect. He's rich, popular, everybody loves him, and all the girls want him. That is, until a witch turns him into a beast.

But first, Kyle becomes homecoming king. He gives a random girl a corsage that makes her day. He pisses off Kendra, some goth girl, and then she is on his bed when he gets home after the dance. That's when it happens.

The next day, Kyle wakes up and he isn't beautiful anymore. He is hideous. His father, a newsman, can't have a son that looks as bad as this. He helps for a while, then gives up, and sends Kyle to a house in Brooklyn with only the maid, Magda. Then Kyle insists on a tutor, since he can't, obviously, go to his old school. His tutor is Will, a blind man who really helps Kyle.

Kyle becomes lonely, depressed. He turns to gardening roses for coping. Will tutors him, and he reads books like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera. He is so distraught, he changes his name to Adrian. Kyle meant "handsome" and Adrian meant "darkness." One night, a man breaks into his house, and "Adrian" catches him. The man says he will give the beast his daughter if he will let him go.

Lindy shows up at Adrian's home. Lindy, the girl he gave the corsage to. She could break the curse. The curse that can change he back into a human , by true love. Can it work out, after he gives her everything she asks for, which is hardly anything? Will Adrian be Kyle Kingsbury ever again??

This book was great. It puts a whole new perspective of Beauty and the Beast in your head. It's totally different, and though it's not possbile, totally the same! Kyle is such a jerk at the beginning of the book. It's crazy to "see" him change so much. I really liked this book. I'm hoping to read more by Alex Flinn. Her writing is really good. I loved her "version" of Beauty and the Beast. I suggest you read it! :)


Hillary said...

They never have this at my Borders. I really want to read it though. And beastly is one of my favorite words. Great review!!

Anonymous said...


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