Thursday, September 11, 2008

Secrets of a South Beach Princess

Secrets of a South Beach Princess
by: Mary Kennedy


Amber Fielding is a seventeen old model, rich, and gorgeous. She's the new "It Girl". Her father owns the Fielding Hotel, which is the most hoppin' place in South Beach.

Then Nick Crawford checks in. He's sexy, smart, and ambitious; headed for NYU. He's filming a documentary on South Beach architecture. Amber wants to be with him, so she hangs out with him, shows him the sights.

When he catches something scandalous on tape, what will happen? Does he delete it like he tells Amber he will, or will he do something terrible? Remember: Not all publicity is good publicity.

This was a good book. Amber was a fun character. I enjoyed Mary's writing. Some things in the story weren't very important. I thought Nick was kind of sketchy from the beginning. Then there was a part with a band that was staying at the hotel, and it wasn't important at all to know, so I didn't really like that. This book was good, but I don't really recommend it.