Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale
by Cyn Balog

Morgan Sparks and her boyfriend Cam have been together forever, basically. She knows they are perfect for each other, and nothing can break them apart. Then Pip, Cam's "cousin" comes to stay with him, and Cam is suddenly different.

When Cam finally fesses up, he reveals to Morgan that he is a fairy. He and Pip were switched at birth, and Cam's biological brother died. Now Cam is the rightful heir as Fairy King.

Morgan wants nothing more than to be with Cam forever. But he is physically changing, and Morgan can't help but think maybe he should leave.

Grade: A+

I loved this book soooo much. I had no idea what to expect from it, since it is about a male fairy. I mean, how strange is that? The story was amazing. I loved every minute of reading it. I didn't want it to end, that's for sure. I really liked Morgan, but sometimes I just wanted to smack her to see that she couldn't decide what was best for Cam. I decided I like Pip better, mostly because of the way he spoke, and when I pictured him, he was just beautiful. :) I recommend this to everyone. It will not disappoint.

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Janssen said...

Wasn't this a fun book? I really enjoyed it!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Sounds like a good read - I need to pick it up!


Jenna said...

I wouldn't have thought that book would have been that good, but i'm glad I read your review, I'm defintately going to get it. x.

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anndrreaaa said...

Hi Ashley!

I just became a follower on your blog & it looks like we have a lot of similar book interests. I just started my own blog and, if you have the time, I'd like for you to check it out:

I'd love to hear any suggestions--I'm new to this & I'm just trying to get the word out & get some followers myself :]

Thanks so much!!

anndrreaaa said...

I was iffy about reading this, but it looks like every who's read it loves it! I'm still skeptical but I think I'm gonna add it to my list. Thanks for the review :]

Rachel said...

I've heard good things about this. I'll have to read it soon. For some reason every time I think Fairy I think of Logolas off The Lord of the Rings. Which just goes to show how much I think fairies are hot!

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