Friday, July 17, 2009

Cast the First Stone

Cast the First Stone
by Gwendolyn Glover

Denise Stone, aka Denny, and Haley Fisher have been best friends ever since Denny moved in across the street. They couldn't be more different. Denny is sharp-tongued, prefers her independence, and enjoys cigarettes and alcohol. Haley is quiet, reserved, and begins to give herself to God. Along with that, Haley's family, poverty-stricken, is always having trouble, and she is the one taking care of her younger siblings.

The girls keep changing through the years. And Denny wants nothing more than to get the hell out of the small Oklahoma town, and run off to California.

Grade: B

Where to start? I'll thank Gwendolyn for asking me to review her books. :) This debut was very original. I haven't read anything like it before. I enjoyed Denny's character for her sharp tongue, but sometimes I got so mad at the way she treated the people that love her. I didn't understand why she did that. I wasn't very happy with the ending of the story, only because I feel like more should have happened. I didn't really want it to end either. I am really curious as to what happens with all of the main characters. Overall, this was an interesting read, and if you come across it, give it a go.

For more information on her novel, visit Gwendolyn's website, here.