Thursday, January 21, 2010


by Lauren Kate

Luce Price doesn't know what happened that day. And now her own parents are afraid of her. They sent her to a reform school, Sword & Cross. Upon her arrival she is drawn to Daniel Grigori, a boy who seems incredibly familiar for some reason.

Luce wants to get to know Daniel, but he isn't having it. He makes it clear that he doesn't want a thing to do with her. But Luce can't help it. She needs to find out more about him, whatever the cost.

Grade: A+

To start off, just let me say how beautiful the cover of this book is. I just love it! I was so excited when I started to read this because I have heard wonderful things about it. And the wonderful reviews were right on the ticket. This book was amazing. I loved everything about it. And I am so happy it is a going to be a series, that way not all this info is packed into one book. The book left me questioning Luce and the shadows, but I know I will find out more in the coming books. I look forward to reading them, for sure! If you like romance, especially, this book is one for you.


MichieBee said...

I really love the cover for this book too :) Can't wait to get around to reading it!

Anonymous said...

The cover is not only pretty but it feels really cool too. (at least it does for the final Hardcover version.) So excited that this book is a series! I still have sooo many questions that need answers. The sequel can't come soon enough.

Ashley said...

Yeah! The cover has a really different feel to it!

Kd said...

I completely agree the cover is gorgeous! I cant wait to read this one :D

Amy said...

I actually hated this book with a passion :-D Just goes to show how different people can view a book. I can agree on the stunning cover though, no denying that.

Anonymous said...

I thought the books was cheesy & boring. Luce was annoying, boring & overall a flat character.

Every few pages Lucinda had to tell us how strong and mighty Daniel was, how fascinating his hair was and how hurt and excited she felt, if Daniel didn't even deign to look at her.

Penn was the only likeable character. Only she died anyway ... now there's nothing which would convince me to read the next few books.

Maybe L.Kate'll be a better writer a few books later.


- samosa