Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Lost Summer

The Lost Summer
by Kathryn Williams

Helena Waite is finally a counselor at Southpoint, a summer camp for girls. She's been going to camp for years, and it is all she looks forward to. The bad part is, Katie Bell, her best friend, missed the counselor age requirement by a few months, and is therefore is stuck as a camper for another year.

Katie Bell and Helena swear camp will be the same. But Helena thinks it will be different. And it is. Helena leaves Katie Bell behind for her counselor friends, and Ransome, her long time crush that has become a reality.

Grade: B

As I've mentioned before, I love camp, therefore, camp books are a must read for me. And look at that cover. I love it. It reminds me of one of the camps I attend, because of the lake. I was a little disappointed in the read. The ending was a complete surprise that I didn't see coming, which is always a good thing. A lot of the time I found myself quite annoyed with Helena, what with her treating her best friend the way she did. With me knowing so much about camp, it made me curious, because most of the time it seemed as though there was nobody watching the children. I really thought this book was going to be different. It was quite average.


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Raspberry said...

Thanks for this review - totally going to read it. :)

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I have this one on my wish list, but I hoping it'd come out more than average. I'll probably end up still picking it up sometime. Thanks for the review.


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