Sunday, September 20, 2009


Grist: A Novel
by Heather Waldorf

This summer will be Charlena's first away from home, away from Mike, her father. He invited her to go with him and his girlfriend to Toronto, but she would rather not be the third wheel, let along spend time with Barb. She is going to Lake Ringrose to spend her summer with Grams.

Grams warns Charlie to stay away from Kerry...she can befriend him, but nothing more. Charlie doesn't understand why, but she finds herself falling for him, and he is falling for her too. But then she learns something. Something terrible, and something that makes their relationship more than complicated.

Grade: B

I'm not sure where to begin. So, I will say that I love the creepy looking cover. But, I have NO idea what "grist" means. I've looked it up, but the definitions don't match the way it is used in the book. That is quite frustrating. I think the best part of this novel was the part where Kerry's secret was revealed. I didn't see it coming, and I was freaking out about it! I was really rooting for the relationship between Kerry and Charlie, but after that secret, I was as confused as Charlie. I liked her character a lot, because she was sarcastic, and we talked the same way. I haven't heard anything about this author, or if she has any other novels. I enjoyed this one, but I think it is a one-time read.


TruBlu93 said...

great review,. grist is an interesting word. it would think it meant grey or gloomy or something like that.. boring and such

Kath said...

I hadn't heard of this one, it sounds good!

I have an award for you! I haven't figured out how to do links in the comment section so below is the link...

Anonymous said...

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