Monday, October 6, 2008

Chicks Ahoy

Chicks Ahoy
by Lynda Sandoval

Camille Tafoya and Jane Goodall "Jiggy" Yearling are about to have the summer before their senior year. They were supposed to get away from Brett, Camille's ex, whom they hate, and spend time with her Grandmother.

Wrong-o! Since Camille's SAT scores were so bad, because of her distraction in the form of Brett, her parents decided that she needs parental supervision. So, the girls get to work on Camille's dad's cruise ship for the summer. Sure, its great that they get to use all of the great things on the ship, but they have to work too!

Camille wants to stay as far away from all guys as possible, but she can't stay away once she is introduced to her job mentor, Makaio, who just happens to be gorgeous. She still tries to stay away from him when working. Jiggy hangs out with her mentor, Lani, outside of working, and she eventually gets out of control with her partying.

Camille wants to help her best friend, but she thinks she doesn't need help. When Camille tells Jiggy's brother about the problems, Jiggy gets pissed, and they have a huge fight. By the end of it all, Camille learns something about herself and what it means to be a best friend.

This book was alright. It didn't really pull me in at all. It's a short book, but I read it slow. I just didn't really get into it until the end, because I just kinda wanted to get it over with. It could have been better. I liked the story line in a way. And I liked the interaction between Camille and Jiggy, because it seems like my best friend and I in a way or two. Jiggy really bothered me when she started going out with Lani though. She was just being totally stupid. But at the end, I was glad that she realized it was dumb. Go ahead and read this might like it more than I did.


Carol said...

Sounds like an ok book, but I don't think I'll read it.