Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lucky and Tempted: An It Girl Novel

Spoilers, if you haven’t read the series.

Lucky: An It Girl Novel
by Cecily Von Ziegesar


Jenny Humphrey has been to a few crazy parties at Waverly Academy in the few weeks she’s been there. But none have been as hot as the one at the Miller Farm, where the barn caught on fire. Dean Marymount announces that the arsonist behind the fire will be expelled.

Rumors are everywhere. Julian’s lighter, with his initials on it, was found on the scene. He had given this to Tinsley before…Hmmm! Callie is scared that either her or Easy will be kicked out, since they were both in the barn, smoking. It was Tinsley who came up with the idea in the first place, though. But, to save her own butt, she and Callie plan to get Jenny expelled. But, will it work?!

Of course, another fabulous book. I just can’t put these down. The ending was so good! I didn’t see it coming at all. Tinsley and Callie are so evil! I cannot stand them one bit. Annoying! But, anyways, go read this series. Seriously. :)

Tempted: An It Girl Novel
by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Jenny Humphrey confessed to the crime of burning down the Miller Farm, though she didn't do it. She thought her life at Waverly was over, until Dean Marymount told her Mrs. Miller, of the farm, told him that her cows started the fire...weirdo! Nobody knows who saved her, but they do know that someone paid off Mrs. Miller. But who could it be?! She is ready to unveil her secret admirer at the Halloween masquerade ball.

Callie and Easy broke up again, and now she is ready to win him back at the Halloween ball, wearing her Cinderella costume. But will he be there, willing to be her Prince Charming? Tinsley has been noticing her popularity is shrinking. Especially when little Jenny wins best costume at the ball, when that has ALWAYS been her. Does she try to make Jenny miserable again though? Or be nicer?

This is the most recent book in the series and it was great. The best one yet, I think. Tinsley really surprised me at the end with Jenny. It was kind of weird too. Jenny went through a lot. Another boy who was a jerk to her as well, which sucks. She'll find someone soon, I hope! :)