Friday, September 26, 2008

Perfect You

Perfect You
by Elizabeth Scott


Kate Brown's life has definitely gone south. Her best friend, Anna, became popular and won't even talk to her. Her father quit his job to sell Perfect You vitamins in the mall. And even her brother, Todd, has moved back in after college.
There is also Will. He is basically the most popular guy in school. Kate likes him, but won't admit to it. But, she thinks that she is just his latest interest, since he supposedly hooks up with every girl he meets.

As more and more things happen, Kate's life slowly goes even more downhill. She figures that if she keeps to herself and stops caring, everything should be fine. Eventually, she realizes that good things can happen, even when things are so terrible. But if only she will let them happen..

This book was really good. I read it so fast because I was just hooked from the start. Kate kind of pissed me off throughout the book, just because of the way she wanted to befriend Anna again, and the way she treated Will when all he did was talk to her. But, by the end, I loved it. The ending was really sad. I didn't expect it to happen either, so that was good. I recommend this book to anyone. :)


Em said...

I really enjoyed this book. Just a great, fun story. :-)

Carol said...

I agree with Em.