Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forest Born

Forest Born
by Shannon Hale

Something is wrong with her, Rin is just sure of it. She doesn't feel at home in the Forest, where she has lived her whole life. Razo, her favorite brother, has gone off to the city. She is left as Ma's shadow. Rin has no idea who she is. But when Razo comes home for a visit, Rin goes back to the city with him. To be one of the Queen's ladies in waiting.

Soon after her arrival, war has come to Bayern. Rin accompanies Isi, the Queen, and her closet friends, in search of those who want to hurt Bayern. Rin thinks of them as the Fire Sisters. Together, they go into the Forest towards the land of Kel.

Grade: A

I haven't read any of the other Books of Bayern, but reading this made me want to. Having not read the previous Books, I had no idea what to expect of this one. I was impressed. I have only read one other book by Shannon Hale (which is by far one of my favorite books ever). Her writing is irresistible to me. I love it. I just feel for the characters in the story. I am pulled in and need to know what is going to happen. That is exactly what happened to me again in this book. I felt Rin's raw emotions, whether it was pain or happiness. This book, I think, is more of a younger book, but really, anyone will enjoy it.

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