Thursday, November 27, 2008


by: Jeffry W. Johnston

Chase was the only survivor of that fatal car accident. No one treats him the same. He blames himself. He just wants his life to go back to normal. But then he starts getting flashes of memory from the accident.

Chase starts getting flashes of another memory as well. A secret he has been keeping for years. A secret he wants to forget. He wants to remember the accident. But will he have to remember his secret before he can recall the accident?

This book was okay. I thought it sounded pretty interesting, so I picked it up at the library. I wasn't disappointed in it, I just didn't find it as interesting as I thought it was going to be. The ending wasn't very good. I want to know more from it. And the secret...I didn't expect it at all. So that was a good part. I wouldn't really recommend this book, but hey, if you want, pick it up.

(Changing my grading system. Letter grades are easier than numbers!)


Lauren said...

You’ve been nominated!!! Check out my blog for more info.