Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Stolen One

The Stolen One
by Suzanne Crowley

Katherine Bab takes her one chance to get out of her country village to go to London when her adoptive mother passes away. She wants, no, needs, to find out who she really is. Soon, Kat becomes a favorite of Queen Elizabeth herself. Rumors are everywhere, since they have matching hair--could she be the Virgin Queen's secret daughter?

She stitches for hours, creating a masterpiece of a dress for the Queen. Two men at court, Rafael and Nicholas, are trying to win her heart, but Kat can't help but think of Christian, her childhood best friend, and the man at her village that wants to marry her. Who will she choose? And will she find out who her mother is?

Grade: A

It is kind of hard to describe how much I loved this book. I didn't really know what to expect from it, and I was not disappointed. It was pretty amazing. I loved Kat's character. And I really loved Christian. I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and this was just the kind I love the most, since it was during Elizabeth's ruling time. It was mysterious, and kept me guessing who Kat's mother was. I really had no idea until the end. I didn't dislike any part of this book, aside from the way Kat treated Christian, and the end, only because I didn't want the story to be over! When this book hits bookshelves, you should pick it up, especially if you enjoy historical fiction!

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**released July 6, 2009


krystenB said...

Wow. Sounds great! :] I should def check it out. I love the ones from Queen Elizabeth's time too, You got me hooked on them girl!

Storyheart said...

Elizabeth that is Queen Elizabeth 1st was a red head as well..interesting picture and looks like an interesting book.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really good! I will have to check this one out.

Polo.Pony said...

This looks so great! I can't wait for it to be released so I can buy a copy! Thanks for the great review!

KD said...

Oh! this one looks really good! I have not actually read about it till your post! And it looks really good

Angie said...

That sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the review.

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

What a great revievw! I haven't heard of this book but I will definitely add it to my wish list.